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A Quick Question

How do you find your favorite page on our new site?

The quick answer --  Email us and ask!

The longer answer -- We understand that it might take some time to get use to our new look and slight reorganization of information on the website. We hope that the great material you find here is worth the hunt however.

We are making every effort to automatically forward the most used pages on our site.

But if you get the dreaded 404 error try these tactics to locate the lost page:

  • Use the search box on our site to try to locate the page.
  • Check in the site map for your favorite page.
  • Look in the pull down menus for the broader topic you are looking for.
  • And if all else fails, please feel free to email us and ask.

We are always happy to answer questions about the website or religion research questions in general. Ask away!

And if you find a broken link on our site or a faulty hyperlink on another group's site please let us know and we'll attempt to get it repaired.

Check out all our other Quick Questions at the Quick Question Archive

We appreciate your use of the material on our site. Thanks!


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